Turner's 1984 Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (BB) 512 Is Awarded Best In Class At ARTOMOBILIA 2022!

August 2022

ARTOMOBILIA celebrated it's 15th year OF AUTOMOTIVE ART & DESIGN in 2022. Over the past fifteen years, the event has hosted thousands of collector cars and hundreds of thousands of guests in the beautiful, and ever expanding, Carmel Arts & Design District, just up the road from Turner's new office and car display showroom at 1030 S Rangeland Road.

The award winning car has quite a history. The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer (BB) is series of sports cars produced by Ferrari in Italy between 1973 and 1984. The BB was designed by Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina. The first BB model, the 365 GT4 BB, replaced the front engined Daytona and was the first in a series of road-going Ferraris equipped with a mid-mounted flat-twelve engine. It was also the first mid-engined road-car to bear the Ferrari name and the Cavallino Rampante (prancing horse) logo. The 365 GT4 BB was succeeded in 1976 by the BB 512, equipped with a larger displacement engine, then by the fuel-injected BB 512i in 1981. The series was discontinued in 1984 when the BB 512i was replaced by the Testarossa, which used a revised version of the flat-twelve engine.