Turner Woodard - Artist

The Art of "WOW"!
Expect the Unexpected! Whatever Happens, Happens! These are some of the core themes associated with Turner’s works of art. Motion, dance and calming chaos are blended together with spontaneous, unpredictable and extraordinary movement, to create enthusiastic works of art. Turner's artistic style uses color and movement to produce drama, exuberance, extravagance and sensuality. Turner describes his artistic style as “Abstract Enthusiasm”!

“My new “WOW” series should excite the senses. When my work is viewed, I want people to experience the joy and energy that went into creating these works. My art is my way of demonstrating my love and passion for color and movement. That’s why I created the “WOW” series; thought-provoking works of art with hidden and sublime thoughts and comments. Many words in the English language can have multiple meanings, but “WOW” is an explosion of both visual and emotional senses!”

Turner’s style of painting draws inspiration and parallels from the mid-20th century American Abstract Expressionism movement, with an admiration for the works of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Willem De Kooning. Turner adds his love and understanding of color from his years growing up around his mother’s beautifully and masterfully looked-after gardens, admiring the wonderful, bright and bold colors of nature. Turner’s love of working with liquid enamel paint allows him to capture energy and movement that are difficult to reproduce with other media and allow him to express an action that is most evident in his current “WOW” series. Colorful juxtapositions of shape and the spontaneous unpredictability of dropped and often directly thrown paint define a free-spirited style of expressiveness matched only by Turner’s tremendous outlook and his joy of life.

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Turner Woodard Artist