Barber Indycar Race Weekend

May 2022

Turner and team (TJ Woodard, Tim Ryan and Steve Schneider) jetted off to Birmingham, Alamama for a racing weekend. Then Turner, Tim and Steve headed to Southern Headquarters in Bonita Bay, Florida for some R & R and to watch a WTA100 women’s tennis tournament!

We had the pleasure of meeting George Barber on our visit and he and his team ended up being the most gracious and detail oriented hosts to us for race day. We toured a spectacular 5 story motorcycle museum, the largest in the world (over 1,500 motorcycles of every brand and type). We watched the IndyCar race from the hospitality area and had vantage points from two bridges that crossed over the race track at multiple points. The Barber Motorsports Park is called “the Augusta of race tracks”. It’s a must see!