Woodard Van Riper
Charity Challenge
Road Rally

2009 Event:
Saturday, August 8, 2009 At 9:00 A.M.

11 Local Charities Raising Money And Awareness 2 Cars Per Charity Each With A Driver and Navigator

The Rally Begins At
The Stutz Business Center
Over 100 Signs And Trivia Questions
Stage 1 - The Old National Road
Stage 2 - Covered Bridge Tours
Lunch - Wasatch Lake
Stage 3 - Tour Cataract Falls
Stage 4 - Revisit the Old National Road
Return To The Stutz For Scoring Results
Woodard Van Riper
Family Foundation Mission

Establish an event around which our
family may proactively get involved
with charities we wish to support.

Create an event fostering interaction
between Foundation members and
charities to better understand their
missions, needs and to get to know
their members.

Create an event that brings our family
together for the benefit of others.

Help charities get to know one another
in a competitive and social setting.
Woodard Van Riper
Family Foundation
C/O The Stutz Business Center
1060 North Capitol Avenue, C-200
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204